The Scaife Family Foundation Grant

The Scaife Family Foundation awards grants that will support and develop programs that demonstrate the beneficial interaction between humans and animals, early intervention and prevention in the area of drug and alcohol addiction, and address issues surrounding the health and welfare of women and children.

Type of Support


The Scaife Family Foundation’s areas of focus include the following:

  • Issues concerning women & children’s health, safety, and welfare

    • Helping women and children lead bigger, brighter lives free of violence, addiction or abuse
    • Promoting healthy relationships and social change to support the needs of women and children in crisis
  • Beneficial interaction between humans and animals and animal welfare

    • Promoting animal welfare and provide training for service dogs
    • Using the power of the animal-human connection in therapeutic settings to improve lives
  • Early intervention and addiction prevention

    • Programs and organizations that provide addiction prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery
    • Advancing the field of addiction through research, education and training to help counselors respond more effectively
    • Training for physicians and medical school residents in recognizing and treating addiction, particularly alcoholism


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Required Attachments
501(c)(3) Letter
Organizational Budget
Form 990
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Audited Financial Statement
Contact info
Scaife Family Foundation, 777 S. Flagler Dr., Suite 909, East Tower, West Palm Beach, FL 33401