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The Ware Foundation is dedicated to being of service to and uplifting humanity such that the planet is made better by the work that we are supporting. To that end, we work with Faith based organizations to address a variety of issues which are negatively affecting people and places worldwide. The foundation's general mission is to provide grants that improve the quality of people's lives, particularly the lives of children.

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Program interests

  • Health and Well-being: We focus on grants supporting patient care and clinical services, education, outreach, community based initiatives, community health, mental health, special populations (e.g. women & children, abuse survivors, trafficking survivors, etc.), specific diseases and conditions, research, nutrition, capital projects for health care facilities, and housing.
  • Education: The Foundation looks for grants aimed at supporting school readiness, access to education, teacher training and professional development, school performance, after school and summer opportunities, community based initiatives, leadership and character development, arts programs, capital improvements for educational facilities, and technical capacity building for youth organizations and schools.
  • Humanitarian: We focus on grants that address a humanitarian crisis which is defined as a singular or series of events that are threatening in terms of health, safety or well being of a community or group of people. 
  • Environment: Our grant opportunities include projects that protect the environment and promote wildlife conservation.

For smaller grants – under $5,000 – a letter may be all that is required in addition to the reference material requested below. An introduction or reference from someone we know is helpful.


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Step 1: Pre-proposal
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501(c)(3) Letter
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The Ware Foundation, 1888 Main St., Ste. C #439, Madison, MS. 39110