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Free Donation Request Form and Letter Templates

Reaching out to companies for food and raffle item donations? Use these donation request letter templates and donation request forms.

Are you a nonprofit organization seeking food, raffle, or other in-kind auction item donations for your fundraiser? If you’re curious about how to request donations, how to reach out to potential donors, or who to contact, look no further; we’ve got you covered. We’ve provided free sample donation request forms and letter templates for donation request outreach. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve also listed popular donors on TheShareWay site who offer online donation request forms for food, beverages, and raffle items.

Sample Forms

If you’re interested in requesting a donation, you might be interested in a donation request letter template that you can fill out and send to companies of interest. Additionally, you may need a donation request form template, to keep track of donations you’ve received. These forms are easily tailored for unique events, and can be a streamlined and efficient way to communicate your organization’s values, tax ID, and event details.

See our free templates below—a sample donation request form and a sample donation request letter—that you can use to easily apply for donations for your next event. Simply make a copy of the following templates and make edits to customize the templates with your organization’s name, logo, and event details.

Donation Request Letter Template

  • This template can be used for initial outreach, such as when contacting companies through email or with a physical letter.

Donation Request Form Template

  • After a company has agreed to donate to your nonprofit, send them this document to capture the full details of the donated items.

Companies with online donation request forms

Need help getting started? If you’re new to requesting donations, you’ve come to the right place; below, we’ve compiled a list of popular donor companies found on TheShareWay site, including a designer jewelry company, a knitting marketplace, a sustainable coffee roaster, and American fast-casual restaurant chains.

You can find even more donors by visiting TheShareWay site to see our full list of 400+ donors as well as user-submitted reviews to help with your search.

Raffle Item Donations

Donates gift cards | Requires 501c3 status | Submit donation request 42 days before your event | Prefers Local Community causes | Donates in all states

CVS is reinventing pharmacy to have a more active, supportive role in each person's unique health experience and in the greater health care environment, from advising on prescriptions to helping manage chronic and specialty conditions to providing quality walk-in medical care and pharmacy benefits management.

Knit Picks
Donates knitting products, auction baskets | Requires 501c3 status | Prefers to donate to Arts & Culture and Local Community causes | Donates in all states

Knit Picks is a retailer of quality yarn and needles for all types of knitting crafts. They are passionate about ethical sourcing and providing affordable materials.

Donates notebooks | Requires 501c3 status | Donates in all states

Rocketbook is producing the notebooks of the future, digitizing the pen and paper experience with their unique, reusable notebooks designed for cloud connectivity via their Rocketbook App. They value sustainability, and make their products with recyclable plastics.

Kendra Scott
Donates raffle items | Requires 501c3 status | Submit donation request 30 days before your event | Prefers Education, Wellness & Fitness causes | Donates in all states

Kendra Scott is a Texas-based jewelry company that designs everyday pieces, fine jewelry, and wedding jewelry. They also sell home accessories and decor.

Caesars Entertainment
Donates tickets, venues, monetary donations | Requires 501c3 status | Submit donation request 90 days before your event | Prefers Wellness & Fitness, Environment & Sustainability, Education, Equality causes | Donates in all states

Caesars Entertainment is a hospitality and accommodations service. They manage luxury resorts, hotels, casinos, and other upscale vacation destinations.

Food and beverage donations

La Colombe
Donates roasted coffee products | Requires 501c3 status | Submit donation request 44 days before your event | Prefers Equality, Local Community, Environment & Sustainability causes

La Colombe is a responsibly-sourced coffee roaster that is "changing the way we view coffee" through unique blends and brewing education. They are just as passionate about serving quality coffee as they are uplifting coffee producers.

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
Donates gift baskets, gift cards, food | Prefers Local Community causes | Donates in all states except AK, CT, DE, HI, MA, MD, ME, ND, NH, NY, OR, RI, SD, VT, WA, WV

Freddy's is a family restaurant serving American fast food. As their name implies, their specialties include burgers and frozen custard.

Donates chocolate, raffle items | Donates in all states

AlterEco is a socially responsible chocolate company. Their mission is global transformation through ethical relationships with small-scale farmers, and an integral sustainability orientation at every point on the supply chain.

Noodles & Company
Donates catering gift certificates, auction kits, food | Submit donation request 42 days before your event | Prefers Education, Local Community, Children, Environment & Sustainability, Poverty & Homeless causes | Donates in all states except AL, AK, DE, GA, HI, LA, MA, ME, MS, NH, NJ, NM, NV, OK, RI, SC, TX, VT, WV, WY

Noodles & Company is a casual restaurant chain serving fresh noodles, pastas, salads, and soups. They offer a variety of dishes, from Italian-inspired pastas to Asian noodle plates.

Raising Cane's
Donates gift cards, monetary donations, food | Prefers Local Community, Poverty & Homeless, Animals, Art & Culture, Education, Wellness & Fitness causes | All states except for CT, DE, FL, ID, IN, ME, MD, MI, MT, NH, NJ, NY, ND, OR, PA, RI, SD, VT, WA, WV, WI, WY

Raising Cane's is an American fast-food chain famous for their fresh, made-to-order chicken fingers.

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