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10 Fun Raffle Basket Ideas, and 87 Donation Request Links

10 Raffle Basket Ideas: 1. Globetrotter Basket 2. Wine & Chocolate Basket 3. Wine & Cheese Basket 4. Craft Beer Basket 5. Spa & Beauty Basket 6. Pet Lover’s Basket 7. Sports Fanatics Basket 8. Outdoorsman Basket 9. Coffee Lover's Basket 10. Date Night Basket

Putting together a couple raffle baskets is a great way to raise funds at your next fundraiser. We’ve put together a few ideas to inspire your next raffle basket approach. To make it easier for you, we’ve also included companies that you can request donations from to fill up your raffle basket.

The Globetrotter Travel Fanatic Basket

This basket is a great way to incorporate a high value basket into your fundraiser, as resort stays, restaurant reservations, and plane tickets are exciting items that will generate lots of interest and anticipation at your event. Mixing smaller value items with these higher value items will also make this basket stand out.

You can include:

Wine & Chocolate Sampler Basket

This basket is extremely versatile, as any mix of wines and chocolates will make a beautiful and cohesive basket. Most donors would be happy leaving with this basket. Be sure to also include gift certificates for wine tastings or tours to add even more value to this basket. We’ve listed a few local vineyards below to request wines and wine tours from, but be sure to check TheShareWay Directory to find wineries in your area that donate.

You can include:

Another idea with a twist: Wine and Cheese Sampler Basket

Wine baskets are just so versatile and such a staple to include in fundraisers, so adding another wine basket with a twist won’t hurt. For this basket, you can substitute the chocolate with the cheese and other artisanal goods. Below we’ve listed even more wineries that donate wine to nonprofits, as well as companies that will donate artisan foods and cheese.

You can include:

Craft Beer Sampler Basket

This basket is great for beer lovers and connoisseurs. Be sure to include a good variety of craft beers, as this will increase the value and intrigue of this basket. It’s also a good idea to include some snacks that go well with beer, such as pretzels, popcorn, or peanuts.

You can include:

Spa and Beauty Raffle Basket

This basket is for those donors who want to kick back and relax at a spa, and try out some new beauty products. Include gift certificates to local spas and beauty salons amongst skincare, makeup, and bath products for a basket that will impress your donors.

You can include:

Pet Lover’s Raffle Basket

Pet owners love to spoil their pets, and this basket is perfect for them. Include lots and lots of dog and cat toys, as well as gift cards to local pet stores.

You can include:

Raffle Basket for the Outdoorsman

For those donors who enjoy spending time with mother nature, this basket should include camping equipment, such as coolers or tents, vouchers for outdoor recreation stores, as well as gift certificates for outdoor adventure packages.

You can include:

The Sports Fanatics Basket

Most major league sports teams have donation programs for tickets and merchandise, and some may even donate autographed memorabilia. To make this basket impressive, make sure to include a good mix of game tickets and memorabilia.

You can include:

A fun variation on this sports basket is a raffle basket for golf lovers. Check out our blog post with 20+ golf donation request links to find the perfect basket items.

The Coffee Connoisseur Basket

Coffee lovers can never have too much coffee, and this basket is perfect for anyone wishing to branch out and try different kinds of coffee. Besides including bags of coffee beans and coffee equipment, top off this basket with a gift card or two to local coffee shops.

You can include:

  • Coffee beans
  • Coffee shop gift cards
  • Add in coffee equipment (Coffee grinder, french press, etc) to up the value of this basket!

Date Night Basket

A date night basket can be very versatile, as it can include a variety of products and experiences, but some date night basket staples include wine, movie tickets, and experiences for two.

You can include:

Top any basket off with a gift card to up the value!

Request gift card donations from any of the following companies:

Running low on time? These companies conveniently donate pre-assembled gift baskets.

Also check out this list we put together of over 400 companies that donate to fundraisers, our list of restaurants that donate gift cards, as well as our blog post on requesting donations specifically for silent auctions.

Finally, don’t forget to visit TheShareWay site to sign up for free and view our database of over 400 donor companies to fill up your raffle baskets!

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